The emulation of the atari Lynx console
1989: Nintendo just launched the mobile market, a sector that dominates unchallenged until today. And number of competitors tried to capture crumbs appetizing cake.

The alternative proposed by the giant Atari Lynx was. Faced with its archaic rival, she impresses 16-bit processor, color LCD backlit, up to 8 players and includes 3D capabilities, a first!
All these advantages would excuse almost its measurements of Tank and its hunger for energy.
Faced with timeless hits already competition, Lynx will never let the weight and there many feathers. And his comeback attempt in 1995 to support 64-bit known her sister under the name Jaguar was only a sword in the water …
Lynx remains a fantastic console that has not been the fate it deserved.
High quality and original titles that are worth visiting, After Taf offers the best test emulator that is dedicated to him: Handy.
And thus to wring the neck of an old legend which means that at that time there has never been that Sega and Nintendo consoles who knew how ..
__________________________________________________________ Tutorial on how To revive the Atari Lynx

It takes the same and start again!

Start by downloading the archive and extract it to your hard drive.True to tradition, the After-Taf offers 3 games included directly in the archive for a good start.


Getting Started with Handy
Let’s take a look at the folder that you just created.
Double-click “handy.exe”. as you can see below 🙂
_______________ And soon launched the emulator asks you what game started!
There is not good progress? atari lynx emulator console
Select a Rom (eg “Klax”)

The game is launched … And no, you’re not drunk LOL 🙂
The screen is set, we will remedy any continuing with …
Setting Handy
Click to bring up the options tab settings “options” emulator.
1st tick sing is for volume
2nd tick sing is for normal mode
3rd third tick sing is for zoom

Then up and down and in order:

1 – Enable sound.
2 – Enable joystick (If you have one, it is imperative to connect BEFORE starting the emulator).
3 – Set the buttons by clicking on the button to configure, and then pressing the button to assign.
4 – Choose the display mode that suits you (Normal windowed example).
5 – Same with the screen display zoom.
6 – For Klax: Rotate the screen to the left (Varies depending on game).
7 – If it amuses you to have a real Lynx in the background of the emulator …
8 – Experimental!
9 – A note to put the emulator pause or restart.
________________ And that’s it atari lynx emulator console

Handy is properly set.
It no longer belongs to you to relive one of the most fantastic mobile consoles.
Have fun with it! 🙂

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