The Colecovision is promoted in the mid year of 1982 for a cost of $ 199. The list incorporates twelve launch titles , with ten all the more approaching titles . At last, more or less 170 titles were discharged in cartridge all around his life . The greater part of titles in its index are transformations of arcade amusements.

Coleco promoted a module that makes it good with the Atari 2600 comfort , providing for them it the biggest library of amusements for all comforts existing apart from everything else. The module has incited a claim from Atari , however this couldn’t anticipate the bargains module. For the record, on account of this module holders cartridges Vcs2600 French at long last ran across their diversions in 128 colors rather than the negligible suspicion colorization 8 shades of dark and white adaptation of these on Vcs2600 SECAM .

An alternate module , discharged in summer 1983 , changes the reassure into a genuine PC, the Coleco Adam, with console and tape player .

At Christmas 1982 , Coleco sold 500,000 comforts , mostly because of the nature of diversions conveyed. While Atari’s fortune was made through the amusement Space Invaders, the Colecovision was the first comfort to have the diversion Donkey Kong. Rights were exchanged for $ 250,000 .

Deals rapidly surpassed one million in promptly 1983 , before the movie amusement accident of 1983 in the United States. At the close of the first quarter of 1984 , deals are down, adding up to 2 million in sum. Promoted in Europe under the name of CBS Colecovision , the comfort is accessible in France in the middle of the year of 1983 for a cost of 1,790 francs. Adam module is quickly offered available to be purchased in right on time 1984.

Coleco Industries is acknowledging withdrawing from the motion picture amusement industry in June 1985 and Colecovision formally relinquished in October 1985.

Tutorial on how to emulate colecovision for Windows users
(virtual colecovision)

1. Download the and click the “Open” button.
*NOTE – The Mekaw v0.71 emulator emulates both Colecovision and Sega Master System ROM files.

2. On the left side Windows panel, select “Extract all files”.

3. You will then see a box like this. Click “Extract all”.

4. The Extraction Wizard will appear. Hit “Next”.

5. Select a Destination folder. Type in C:\Mekaw then hit “Next”.

6. When the Wizard is done extracting all the files, click “Finish”. The installation is now complete.

7. There’s (6) game ROMs included to get you playing now. For additional ROMs become a member, download some Colecovision ROMs or Sega Master System ROMs and save them to the “ROMs” folder in your “C:\Mekaw” directory. There’s NO need to unzip the game ROMs, the Mekaw emulator utilizes both zipped and non-zipped Colecovision and Sega Master System ROMs.

8. Now double click on the “mekaw.exe” and start the program.

9. Click the “Main” top link and select “Load ROM”.

10. Find your “Colecovision ROMs” or “Sega ROMs” folder in your “C:\Mekaw” directory. Highlight the folder, then click “load”.

11. Now highlight a game in the list and click “Load”.

12. Now you’re ready to play!

The default keyboard and joypad configurations are shown on the main screen, and can easily be reconfigured.

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