Citra is the first open source 3DS Emulator out there. The official project only gives out the source code so we went ahead and compiled it for you. Citra is a cross-platform emulator written in C++ and will run on Windows (Vista and up) and Linux(we only provide the Windows version right now).

Filesize: 0.0 B
Version: Unknown
Platform: Windows
Downloads: 5141
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Citra (0.0 B, 5141 downloads)

23 Responses to “Citra”

    • Christian Widjaya

      How? Teach me how! I’m using latest nightly build. I don’t have 3ds

  1. Pranav sinha

    i have tried to run pokemon x and y but neither of one worked!!
    when i tried to open it stopped working plzz tell me how do i solve this problem

    • Noneofyou.

      Sir.. this emulator are still in progress,if you want your ROM work successfully without any error, you have to wait until the Creator finish this emulator or wait until the Creator release new version.So.. be patience.

  2. ROMs for Citra Emulator

    To get decrypted ROMs search for “Collection of 250 decrypted 3DS ROMs for Citra Emulator” on Google. Normal ROMs would not work.


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