The Legendary VBA. The Best GB/GBC/SGB/GBA emulator. Has tons of features like Gameshark and Full screen but no link support. But who needs that when you got an emulator that plays 99% of all Gameboy games. Has zip support and skin support. This emulator focuses on compatability. Some of its good features include GBA sound (including Direct Sound), 100% ARM and THUMB emulation, and emulated BIOS functions. It requires DirectX 7+ and the Windows desktop must be in 32-bit mode. Great emulator, a must have!

Filesize: 1.9 MiB
Version: 1.8.0beta3
Platform: Windows
Downloads: 1983
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VisualBoyAdvance (1.9 MiB, 1983 downloads)

8 Responses to “VisualBoyAdvance”

  1. Severe Weather

    Finally i can play the games i love on my laptop. Inculding
    Poke’mon and the hacks. 😀

  2. Mas

    I don’t think there is even one made.. but if there is I don’t know a store. But I have a DS and it has piiexs on it, but yours doesn’t have to have piiexs, it can be Lime Green. To get this do like so:1.) Get a DS/DS Lite2.) Go to Ebay3.) Type in the search box: Nintendo DS (DS Lite) Lime Green (etc.) Skins4.) Buy one.They’re just colorful and patterned stickers the size of your DS and when you put it on be careful not to get air bubbles in it! ^.^Srry if I didn’t help any .

  3. Unknown

    Where can i find virus free pokemon rom files, searching everywhere but can not find any pleas help 🙂


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