Project64 is hands down the best N64 emulator out there. Has great support and plays 99% of all N64 games.

Filesize: 4.3 MiB
Version: 2.1
Platform: Windows
Downloads: 322
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Project64 (4.3 MiB, 322 downloads)

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    Hate to double post, but I tugohht I should maybe say a little more so it would be possible to tell if it was my fault or not. I think I had regular Langrisser on a party member that left at one point (trying not to spoil anything here) and I’m not sure if I ever checked to see if I had it then. It only really matters if I need to be wielding the super Langrisser to eventually win the game. No matter what I probably caused this to happen somehow by messing up, though I doubt it’s a bug I think we’re on the Light path, as the guides on GameFAQs call it, not Independant.


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