The best and most complete PlayStation 2 emulator. PCSX2 has netplay so you can play online. There are many plugins available here. If you're looking for a good Windows PSX/PS2 emulator then this one is the best choice.

Note: This emulator can play both ps1 & ps2 games.

Filesize: 153.0 B
Version: 1.2.1
Platform: Windows
Downloads: 1772
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PCSX2 (153.0 B, 1772 downloads)

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    • Sylvia

      All you have to do is be connected to the same wi-fi as the apple tv and then dobule click home on your iDevice. Then scroll to the right as far as you can until you see the airplay button click on it then click apple tv and mirroring on. If you do not have the apple tv option you need to update your apple tv. Hope this helps !


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