Game boy color emultor
It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since the original Game Boy Color first hit stores back in 1998. And now that the market is saturated with tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices that can be used for gaming, it’s time to give props to the little handheld device that started it all. This short documentary made by YouTube user Elly Awesome is a quick, informative look into the history of the device, as well as a semi-technical look into the nuts and bolts that held the Game Boy together.
Our favorite part is when Elly whips out the Game Boy printer. Talk about a walk down memory lane. If only kids today knew what we had to go through to create selfies in the late ’90s.
Todays’s tutorial will be about game boy color emulation Below is Full tutorial on How to install the emulator for game boy color

1. Download the and click the “Open” button.

2. On the left side Windows panel, select “Extract all files”.
3. The Extraction Wizard will appear. Hit “Next”.

4. Select a Destination folder. Type in C:\VisualBoy then hit “Next”.

5. When the Wizard is done extracting all the files, click “Finish”. The installation is now complete.

6. There’s (3) game ROMs included to get you playing now. For additional game ROMs become a member, download some Game Boy ROMs or Game Boy Color ROMs and save them to the “VisualBoy ROMs” folder in your “C:\VisualBoy” directory. There’s NO need to unzip the game ROMs, the VisualBoy emulator utilizes both

7. Now double click on the “VisualBoyAdvance.exe” and start the program. Click on the “File” tab link at the top of the window and select “Open”.

8. Find your “VisualBoy ROMs” folder in your “C:\VisualBoy” directory. Highlight the folder, then click “Open”.

9. Now highlight a game in the list and click “Open”.

10. To view or change the default keyboard/joypad settings, click on the “Options” tab link and select “Joypad/Configure/1”.

11. Now you’re ready to play!


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