Emulators are numerous and it is not always easy to find a good working emulator . If there is a criteria that is close to my heart cause of it’s simplicity and ease of configuration , (Dega) emulator will be my personal favourite and number n1
especially because of its display quality as well as the easy flow and that is very important to me
Concerting the SEGA Master System , my choice fell on the ( dega ) master system emulator, which in addition to being User friendly , offers an amazing display quality of fluidity. (Dega) allows configuration without big effort from the configurator side ,in order gain  access to the best conditions for your favorite games of Master System. All in a neat and user-friendly interface , more quickly accessible . This tutorial is not intended for advanced configurations . Reserved for novices emulation , it is presented to make you know Dega and help  your play games quickly .
this emulator is also compatible with the following formats: SG1000 SEGA , SEGA SC300 , SF7000 SEGA , SEGA Mark III, Sega Gamegear , ColecoVision , and Ohnello Multi Vision. below is how to emulate master system with (dega) for Windows 1. First download and unzip the emulator and Roms 2. To start the emulator click dega.exe. 3. Chose how you want to play on the keyboard or a joystick 4. To save and load backup, go to state and then click save to save and load state. to load once the game started. 5. To start a game file and click load rom. 6. Select your game The commands are in text file located in the archive of the emulator. -Use the arrow keys to move. -action buttons are z and x. -to pause and resume the game use the c key. Note that the master system on the start button in the Action 1 (z) button

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