The emulation of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Born in 1985, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console generation 8-bit (Zilog Powaaa 80) great rival at the time the Sega Master System.

Probably the greatest success with the Nintendo Game Boy, she saw the birth of the legendary Nintendo series such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, or Metroid, which explains why it is still popular 23 years later, whether emulation or collection.

emulator to revive your Nintendo NES console today is one of the best emulators known to date: Nestopia.


1) download Nestopia                                               
with the NES emulator. Once downloaded, unzip it on your hard disk.

As usual, After taf offers 3 games among the best story to start without having to search the web.


How to use Nestopia NINTENDO ES EMULATOR

2)Open the directory Nestopia, download and unzip the rom of the game in the “Roms” as you can see below


2) Once you have registered there at least Rom, launch the emulator itself by double-clicking the icon Nestopia.

You can also add a shortcut on the desktop.


The game controller

3) Once launched the emulator before you start playing, you will have to configure the controller. To do this, click “Options”, then “Controller”.

Note: you can spend the emulator in full screen by
pressing ALT / RETURN.


4) Once the window open, you can set the buttons to your liking.
The emulator recognizes most PC joysticks, but if you intend to use, plug there BEFORE running Nestopia.


5) To help you in the configuration looks like this one Nes original controller.


6) That’s it-is: we are well equipped to go break the Alien!

Oops, I digress me!

Launching a game

Well, we will now launch a Roma and a max burst.

To do this, just click on “File” then “Open”:


7)It only remains to select a rom, then … Well, to open it.


8) And that’s the job: We are the kings of the world!

You can now break up one of the best gaming consoles of all time.

The emulator also includes full functions of configuration settings of parameters and options more or less useful. Above all, let us know your questions or experiences.

Also waiting for your feedback with impatience. Until then, good game! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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