This tutorial explains how to emulate PSX the video game console playstation, this is not very difficult, but there is a lot of configuration to do so that the emulator works.

First, download the emulator ePSXe, then extractez archive.
Here is the tree that you extracted.

To run the emulator ePSXe, use audio plugins / video as well as a BIOS console.

Download the plugins pack here.
Put scph101 file in the bios directory, then all the other put in the plugins directory of the emulator. Start ePSXe file, a configuration wizard will appear to select the emulator plugins.

1 – Select the video plugin

Here is the video plugins to use:

Pete OpenGL graphics card Geforce and TNT.
Pete D3D DirectX6: Graphics Card Matrox G200 / G400
Pete D3D DirectX 7: ATI Rage
Lewpy Glide: 3dfx Voodoo Graphics Card

(For Nvidia graphics cards, using Pete OpenGL 1.76 because it does not take much resources and works perfectly.

Configuration of the video plugin Pete OpenGL

2 – Select the audio plugin

The Eternal SPU 1.41 plugin audio is the best, it emulates a time while the raw sounds, and its background must still make tweaks to use.

3 – Select player plugin CDRom

Just select the CDR WNT/W2K plugin, it works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP system

4 – Selection of controller

Use the appropriate keys on your keyboard or joystick then continue

Now that your emulator is configured, you can now play your Favorite Games.

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