Emulating Sega Cd In Kega Fusion!

The Sega Cd is a peripheral which can be coupled Mega Drive, and therefore it could be a video-game Cd. despite of Failure in sales
Sega-CD had a reasonable power at that time, and even got to release some very nice games such as Sonic which is arguably the Most Successful sega game

Emulating Games on Kega Fusion is one of the easiest things in life except for the Sega Cd. it took some time to figure it all out
but in the end it is very easy

This tutorial is to help you with installing the Sega cd emulator “aka” Kega Fusion.

It was written by the famous Steve Snake. He created the famed emulator KGen in 1997. It wasn’t long before his emulator developed a great game compatibility rate, becoming one of the great emulators that popularized video game emulation. Then in 2005 he came out with Kega Fusion. It’s a superb emulator that supports Sega Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, and Sega CD 32X.

1) – Get the Kega Fusion Version Of The Latest (3.64)

You can download it by clicking on the link below

2) – Installing PC Emulator In
This is What we recommend Easy Extract the file in the directory
“C \ Games \ Sega” (without the quotes)
We also recommend to Create Folders “Bios, Brm, Plugins, Roms, and Saves’s Something More Or Less Same as in the Picture below

3 ) – Installing Bios Of Mega / Sega Cd
Like any other Console Cd, Sega Cd Also Need Bios File, ie,
that is like the Soul of the Console
You can acquire the link below.

After the download, Put Files in “Bios”Folder Previously Quoted
Okay, now the emulator requires configuration for the Sega Cd…

4 ) – Configuring the Emulator
Working with the emulator, click the right button and go to “Options” in the second “Set Config”
Go On Tab “Sega CD” and place the “Bios Files” Agreement With the directory as followed in the example below

USA bios = “C \ Games \ Sega \ Bios \ us_scd2_9306.bin”
JAP bios = “C \ Games \ Sega \ Bios \ jp_mcd1_9112.bin”
EUR bios = “C \ Games \ Sega \ Bios \ eu_mcd2_9306.bin”

You now have 3 versions of the Sega / Mega CD, Japan, Europe and Usa!

5 ) – Running the Budega!
Well, if you already have downloaded or have any lso we recommend a unique directory for each console
Ex “C \ Games \ Sega \ roms \ SegaCD”
Let’s Use the Sonic CD (of course) As an example of to do with Saves, Brm, Etc. ..

6) brm
The Brm is the file that simulates the memory of the Sega Cd, Call Ram, which would be similar to the PSX Memory Card Settings Just Enter a directory where the saves of Go Games Stick Ex “C \ Games \ Sega \ Brm”

7 ) And Save State
Save The state is the easiest to set up, it is recommended that you do this with all other consoles Ex “C \ Games \ Sega \ Saves”
Okay, now you’re already running Sega Cd Emulator with Best Of Sega!! If you have a cd of the Sega CD (which is rare as hell), you can make a boot of it for the Pc reader, Cd Drive Options, and then Boot SegaCD (Ctrl + B)

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