Sega genesis known as the Mega Drive, the 16-bit Genesis console from Sega which was a fierce competitor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day was highlighted by a vast library of supported games. Awesome titles from both first as well as third-party developers were doled out for it over the years following its release. The console is now as obsolete as banana peels, but some of us who’ve lived in the 90s still can’t forget the magnificent memories it has blessed us with. Let us relive the glory days from then, and treat ourselves to these wonderful titles with…

Sega Genesis Video Game Emulator

1. Download the and click the “Open” button.

2. On the left side Windows panel, select “Extract all files”.

3. The Extraction Wizard will appear. Hit “Next”.

4. Select a Destination folder. Type in C:\Gens then hit “Next”.

5. Click “Finish” to exit the Setup Wizard. Installation is now complete.

6. There’s (6) Sega Genesis/32X game ROMs included to get you playing now. For additional game ROMs become a member, download some Sega Genesis ROMs and save them to the “Genesis ROMs” folder in your “C:\Gens” directory. There’s NO need to unzip the game ROMs, because the Gens Genesis emulator utilizes both zipped and non-zipped Sega Genesis/32X ROM files.

7. Double click on the “Gens.exe” in your Gens program folder directory. After the program starts up, click on the “Option” tab at the top of the window then choose “Joypads…”. to configure your joypad or keyboard.

8. Click on the “Redefine Keys” button next to Player 1.

9. This is where you configure your joypad or keyboard. Click on each button with your mouse then press a joypad button or keyboard key to assign it. When your finished configuring all of the buttons click “OK”.

10. To open a ROM click on the “File” tab at the top of the window then choose “Open ROM”.

11. Find your “Genesis ROMs” folder in your “C:\Gens” directory then double click on a Genesis game ROM in order to play it. If you want full screen click “Alt+Enter”. Or drag the corner to make the window bigger.

12. Now your ready to play!

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