Default controls
Arrow pad = arrows on PC keyboard
Start = Enter
Select = Right Shift ( has to be chged on windows 7 )
A = X
B = Z
X = S
Y = A
L = D
R = C

menu = ESC
Fullscreen = ALT + ENTER

1. Download zsnesw151.zip from the Zsnes homepage and extract the contents to a folder of you choice.

2. double click on zsnesw.exe

3. you will get a screen ask you too press space the first time you run it.

4. then you will get this screen Responsive image

5. select Game\Load

6. go to the folder your roms are stored in and double click the rom you wish to play

optional settings

adjusting your controller settings or using a game pad

1. In the menu select Config\Input

2. click the button you wish to change.

3. Press the key or button on your game pad you wish to sue for the Nes button

4. repeat for each Snes Button on all Snes controller’s you wish to use in the emulator

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